MicroRNAs, or miRNAs, are a novel class of molecules that control most functions in the body. A single miRNA can regulate over 100 cancer-promoting molecules, so their expression and regulation is extremely important for maintaining healthy cells. 

MicroRNA (miRNA) therapeutics represent the new frontier in the fight against human disease. The importance of miRNAs in cancer development, and their potential to reverse it, are only beginning to be unraveled. 

MiRNAs can individually regulate several components of a functional protein network; therefore, miRNA dysregulation can give rise to a complex, multifactorial disease such as cancer. 

This means that a single microRNA can target multiple members of a cancer network, with the potential to restore the body's natural balance and stop cancer in its tracks.

Using the latest in nanotechnology and synthetic biology we can reintroduce missing microRNAs into tumor cells and help control the growth and spread of cancer.